Awake & Cold

Autumn’s color’s vanished in two days. The colors that calmed me have given way to gashes of tree limbs against a stark blue sky. It amazed me how it all flips like a light switch… I’ve seen 61 of them…

I read this – before washing my face and dressing.

”Truth is a circle….Truth fears not birth, change or death.”

“Circle” and “Fear” struck me….if truth is a circle it leads you back round…and if it has no fear of the present…it’s based on the moment…

The truth is I am alive and breathing – the truth is you are alive and are the breeze. Somewhere in that circle my love we cross paths and keep crossing paths sometime circling at the same time… Oh to be a bird flying on your breeze.

Now to attend to the cold temperatures in the house. Have a warm cup of decaf – put my finger in the air and see which way your wind is blowing…I will follow.