And so a tropical storm is about to arrive. The surf is like a washing machine and after an hours morning walk I jumped in. I made sure to be surrounded by people with the rip tide so strong… It felt wonderful.. the ocean warm and the wave crashing – watching the water swirl around my legs as it drew me toward the eastern horizon.

It only being my second time in the water in 2 years and reaching the age of 60 I thought better to err on the side of caution and not stay too long… as I stomped out of the surf I could hear my lungs heaving for oxygen.

I saw Phil & Arthur setting up their yoga on the beach. We haven’t seen each other in two years. We hugged sideways – the delta variant is making more and more vaccinated people sick. It’s funny after talking for a few moments I walked on… I felt nothing…not joy of seeing a familiar face. We’ve known each other for years and there was something missing…I can’t put my finger on it… it might be my morning groggy state…Good to see him…”Give my love to Arthur…”, as I watch Arthur greet more of their yoga tribe to the beach. How lovely I thought to have your social time in the morning and then have the rest of your day…

It’s getting Darker outside… Rain this afternoon – tomorrow is the storm… You can see, feel a storm. It whirls and drenches you – it’s real and invisible at the same time but you feel it’s force – It makes me feel alive… The only thing about this pandemic is that it just hangs out there…nothingness, then infection…no drama until it unfurls in your system… then it’s real – given to you by the smile of another – the breath carried on the wind of a storm.