Whose Story?

I woke to find a world where individuals are letting the loudest voice tell their story, and fulfill their own needs through “drones”. Repeating a thread, a hound dog intent on the single sent, masses are making judgements for their lives based on 1 aspect of the story. Who in their right mind bases any sound judgement on 1% of the story. Focus on that small percent you loose a world view, history, complexity, nuance and are left with Dollar Store passions. (Cheap, plastic imitations, that break in a year)

Am I lost in the streets of Paris during the French Revolution? Do I pick the scab to a point of infection? Death? If fear is the driver, there is no responsibility, no future only past a small 1% of dead events that are raising up from the dust and filling my ears and irritating my eyes.

I am creating a safe house in my home. A plug to recharge and then when the time is right be of the world but not in the world’s dust storms.

All this as my body continues to be infected, fighting an invader, causing havoc. Emotions raw, but grounded. A body slowing down and giving me a strange focus. A meditative focus even in the fog. You walk in fog through in a known environment that only 10% resembles itself… the rest is cloudy until you – I come upon the realization – the point of view – the grounded knowing – based on a global view, historical memory and a willingness to accept the unknown as a possibility.

Lots of words… and only 6am.