Tears in the am – Motown at dusk

This morning I couln’t stop crying… I think it was the hangover of the crying jag I had last night… I cried through the beginning of my workout and then in the middle I began to have focus…

“Make a list, cross it off when you’re done, enjoy what you do if you choose to do something and smile, relax all’s well, make sure to get outside and be in nature”….your words ….

Down the street Chaka Khan is singing Lou my neighbor to the end of his day as the cicadas sing along with her wail… I sit on the front porch…Gray blue sunset dusk.

The hopelessness of last night has not reared its head. “Life is meaningless” “God is a joke” “Nothing matters”… all rolled over me like a Mac truck last night… snot, tears – starring at the ceiling…

Yet here I sit, listening to the Temptations sing me to the end of my day.

And suddenly I realized at one time there was a 10 year old Songan dancing in his room to Ike & TIna Turner and I realize there is hope. There is a reason for living. Dance to the love.

I strain to hear the beat….