warm chill

Head Body Numb Disconnect Fear Loss Veil Balance Trip stop Breath. Begin Heart Toes-warm heels0cold Eyes-vision-stopped : ALL contained in a glass cylinder that surrounds the self. Keeping it safe from the noise and nonsense.

When did the molten sand become hard, clear, cool off , no color, transparent and thick. Transparent Dan. An aquarium full of tetris fish zooming in a school in the confines of the rectangles glass.

The tower of glass – is needed – to continue to reconstruct myself with building blocks we created together, some I’ve created and basic blocks that ground the cells in union to the moment.

Be kind and gentle to the man in the glass cylinder. He will emerge. He’s living the best way he can after his world was destroyed and survival kit ran past its expiration date.

He’s gazing out of the glass – mapping a path – well past the trail head the train stopped at. It is not a fork in the road – it is a round room full of doors to try.

Head – Stuck – Monday – Cold – Sweating – Heavy Eyelids… and it’s 9am…